I had a wonderful experience performing for a Special Ed Girl Scout Troop in Dix Hills! It was very rewarding to see how responsive the children were  to my  story, songs  and positive concepts that reinforce the Girl Scout principles. They enjoyed interacting with The Lady of the Rainbow and all 47 of the girls participated in whatever capacity they could.  It was a pleasure to see them smiling and having fun.  I was very impressed how polite and cooperative the children were.  They were really an exceptional group! I also appreciated how encouraging and kind the Troop Leaders were and that they got involved in the show.

When I received this Thank You note it really warmed my heart!! The way the girl scout troop expressed their appreciation meant a lot to me. It’s very rewarding and encouraging. I especially love that all the girls signed the card.   I feel that every child is precious and like a beautiful flower, needs to be nurtured to fully blossom…to be the best they can be!

While researching the internet I came across a wonderful and informative website called Family and Home Network. It gives expert advice about the “critical importance of nurturing.”

One of their objectives is to ” learn about research and emotional growth and share that information with parents, policy makers and the media.”

Here is the link to their website:


During my show at a library…

A six year old boy, who had seen my show once before, called out

“This is my favorite part!”  He was referring to the Colors of Love that appear in a pond when the children see the face of The Lady of the Rainbow in the swirling colors.

I was very struck by this! At that moment I realized that this little boy not only wanted to see my show a second time but that he had the sensitivity and insight to pick the most significant part of the story as his “favorite part”

He could have chosen the parachute or the musical instruments as his favorite part, but he was excited about the Qualities of Love that were introduced, and so he singled out this part.

I notice that the children truly respond to the gentle way these concepts are introduced. Rather than lecturing the children or imposing values on them, The Lady of the Rainbow asks the children to toss pebbles into the pond and magically the seven Colors of Love appear inside rainbow circles. I see the children really paying attention when we talk about the meaning of the words. I watch their eyes light up when I ask them to echo the words and when I tell them to be the best they can be!